He thought he was broken,
too torn apart to be put together.
he was done,
his was a face of a lost soul.

But, she saw him,
she saw his sad,beautiful eyes,
and his sculpted face,
so she took a shot.

He heard it,
whipped around, enraged,
he saw her standing,
the weapon in her hands.

Then, she showed him,
with a little smile,
what she held in her hand,
and he gave in.

She handed it to him,
and he wiped his eyes,
she took his hand,
and she led him through.

He couldn’t have been happier,
in that dimly lit room,
where he saw the face in his mirror,
hanging everywhere.

Grins, giggles, and grim expressions,
it all changed his soul,
her camera saved his life,
and he put up the photograph too.


The Jacket


A jacket.
Brown, beautiful.
his favourite,
hers too.

He wore it
every single day
except the times
when she did

She loved his feeling,
it was always there.
He found her scent
creeping into the jacket.

Then she had gone away,
and only he wore it.
She still loved that jacket,
but she couldn’t wear it.

She probably wouldn’t come back now,
yet he coldn’t ever replace her.
He still wore his favourite jacket,
but his favourite human was gone.

Keep Me

When I turn right,
I see signs of you,
Things that you loved,
Things you probably still keep.

When I turn left,
I see my own reflection,
I think you loved me,
but it hurt you to keep me.


I’ll never stop bleeding.
There’s drops of my blood
on my pillow,on the floor,
Yet somehow I’m still alive.

They’ll let me bleed,
but there might be one
who’ll wrap me up
in his own bandages.

He’ll let his wounds bleed,
if his bandages could cover mine.
i wish someone would tell him,
“honey, please don’t do this.”

Tell him it’s a waste,
make him see that there’s no point,
in trying to save what’s already broken,
to try and rescue a lost, dead soul.


My nails are painted grey,
It’s the only color I want
and the only one I feel,
even black is too colorful now

Grey is how my life feels,
you were like a rainbow,
tossing your colors for everyone to see,
but now, not for me.

The sky is filled with grey clouds,
and the rain seems soothing,
but nothing can covber up
for your voice or touch.

Everything is grey.
The dullest shade of grey.
I wish you’d come back.
I miss you and all your color.


Every melody i hear
makes my head throb,
And every soft voice
seems so threatening.

Nothing is the same now
because you’re gone
And with you went a bag
filled with my happiness.

All the music is gone,
every sound a noise,
And nothing anyone does
can change that now.

No sound can be heard
with my head underwater,
In a bathtub filled to the brim,
that’s where I’ll lie.


You made me bleed.
Ripped out my heart,
shred it to bits,
left it, left me.

You made me bleed,
through the deep cuts
that you made
inside of me.

You made me bleed,
and now I’m dying
on the inside,
but you wouldn’t know.

You made me bleed
you broke me, and now
no stitches or staples
can ever put me back together.


I shut the door,
didn’t want to turn on the lights,
didn’t want to take another step,
didn’t want to move an inch.

I wanted nothing more
than a shoulder to cry on,
than a hand to steady me,
than a pair of arms to embrace me.

Now I just want to sit
and cry until I can’t anymore,
and lie until I can’t get up,
and die until I’m just a body.

I thought we could be us,
until I realised that the dark wasn’t momentary,
until I knew I couldn’t anymore,
until I saw you give up.

And all I have now,
is a dark room,
where I’m alone
with my dark thoughts.


Those red nails

a red pen

a bunch of scribbles

all in her hand.

A red notebook

some red nail paint

a cluttered table

and her sitting at it.

His red cased phone

red lipstick stains on his shirt

neither of them hers

and his lopsided grin.

Her red lips

a red heart

a texted argument

her broken heart.

A red blade

red drops of blood

a limp hand

and a free soul.

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