Hey, you! Thanks for checking out my blog :)) It really does mean a lot to me. I write a lot of random stuff so here’s my way of getting it out to the world. Most of my poems are “a little deep”, is what people tell me, but feel free to laugh at them to lighten your mood!

Anxiety is a term we all are aware of, and it pays me a visit every now and then. Writing and listening to music helps me calm down. This is supposed to be about my blog, and my blog is about encouraging anyone and everyone to do as they please and if required, this listener is not far away. Put up a comment or message me on Instagram if you need someone to talk to, even if we don’t know each other personally. It doesn’t hurt to be kind, and I know how it feels to be an anxious, depressed or just a hurting mess.

Also, anybody can write. Writing is a way of expressing, and nobody can judge your writing because its like judging you. Write your heart out.

Arushi Chopra

email me: arushi1607@gmail.com
instagram: arushiichopraa

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